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Introducing the newest member of the Umiqs family.. Nigeria Buzz

After Ghana it was only natural to seek out #Naija ..

If you Know Ghana Buzz then you know what we are about, but for our newbies

Nigeria Buzz is a news magazine app that brings all your local hit contents (News, Videos, Blogs, Fylas) to one place.

See screen shots below.


IMG_00000062 Videos Page Screen shot  Fyla page screen shot


We have also updated the Fyla messaging platform so you can now have conversations with comments.

We tried to make it as seamless as possible with existing networks so you don’t have to learn anything new. Just click on the icons to like, see comments or use the dislike to rate a comment or Fyla for spam.

As usual we have included a limit on posts for users to avoid spamming and flooding.

This should increase with the more likes you get (contribute valuable content) and you will be rewarded.

Nigeria Buzz is now available for download on the AppStore, BlackBerry AppWorld, and Google Play with release for the other stores in the works.

Do send us feedback, like Us, rate Us, share our apps and submit links you think we should have include in the app as well …


Na Wa Ooh …


Umiqs Team

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